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Selected literature describing the CITREGEN® material science technology and potential applications in orthopedics.

Biomechanical & Biochemical Evaluation of CITRELOCK®: A Next Generation Regenerative Tendon Fixation System

Colorado State University, Hackensack University Medical Center 2021

Development of Fast Degradable Citrate-Based Bone Scaffolds for Spinal Fusion

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Citrate-Based Biomaterials and Their Applications in Regenerative Engineering

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The Status of Citrate in Hydroxyapatite/Collagen Complex of Bone

Journal of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering 2014, 3: 4

Review of the Central Role of Altered Citrate Metabolism During Stem Cell Differentiation

Journal of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering 2013, 2: 1 

Citric Acid-based Hydroxyapatite Composite Scaffolds Enhance Calvarial Regeneration

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 Synthesis and evaluation of poly(diol citrates) Biodegradable Elastomer

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 A Citric acid-based Hydroxyapatite Composite for Orthopaedic Implants

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