The CITRELOCK Tendon Fixation devices are intended for soft tissue reattachment procedures, i.e., fixation of ligament and tendon tissue in surgeries of the shoulder, elbow, foot/ankle, knee, and hand/wrist.

The CITRELOCK Tendon Fixation device is comprised of CITREGEN®, Acuitive Technologies’ patented citrate-based polymer/bioceramic composite material, whose bioactive properties promote bony ingrowth at the implant site.


The CITRELOCK design allows for the device to be tapped into the bone while fixating the tendon or ligament position. The multi-lead, high pitch design virtually eliminates screw thread revolutions, does not lacerate the tendon, and does not twist the tendon upon insertion.

CITRELOCK Tendon Fixation Devices provide versatility, speed, security in tendon repair procedures, and are available in multiple sizes to accommodate proper fixation.

Acuitive Technologies signed a distribution agreement with Stryker for 3 products for foot and ankle applications: CITRELOCK®, CITREFIX, and CITREWEDGE

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