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Citrecuff, Rotator Cuff Scaffold is a porous interpositional device designed to be deployed at the tendon-bone interface where tendon-bone integration needs to occur. Used in conjunction with suture anchors, this device was designed to address biological issues of rotator cuff repair while also providing for functional mechanical fixation.  The Citrecuff Interpositional Scaffold is comprised of CITREGEN, Acuitive Technologies’ patented citrate-based polymer/bioceramic composite material, whose bioactive properties promote bony and soft tissue ingrowth at the implant site. Citrecuff supports cellular infiltration and migration that facilitates functional tissue regeneration. The Citrecuff is designed to be fully absorbed over time and replaced by native enthesis tissue architecture. Comparable to conventional rotator cuff repair surgery, Citregen bioinductive Implants can be delivered using arthroscopic or mini-open techniques.